CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 4: Nov 23

After a long journey to Discovery Bay, we finally got to Discovery Bay International School. Sarah Roe school was joined by 3 other schools including Discovery Bay International School in their Sports For All Day. We started the day by letting the kids play on the playground equipment before having a snack. Some of the kids were really excited since JCSRS does not have a playground and were climbing all over it. Yashasvi and I had to be very alert and make sure the kids were safe. Luckily there were a lot of other helpers there if we ever needed help. After snack, we went into the hall and we were welcomed with a chinese drumming performance by the DBIS students. The kids got pretty excited by the drumming noises so we helped them to calm down by doing some yoga and meditation. After the yoga, we organized the students into their groups and began their first activities. I was helping the yellow group for the day.

We started off by playing games like the egg and spoon race, three legged race and some throwing challenges. Some of the students were quite competitive and we let them do some more difficult activities, like doing the egg and spoon race through an obstacle course. I think it was a good opportunity for them to work on their hand eye coordination and following the rules. Next we went to the parachute games activity, where we played a lot of different games involving the parachute. The students had to listen to when they could shake the parachute and stay calm when they weren’t supposed to be shaking it. Then we went on to the obstacle course. The students had to zig-zag through some cones, jump over hurdles, climb over some benches and under some cones, throw a beanbag into a hoop, walk on a balancing beam and jump off a springboard at the end. Once again, some students were very competitive and they wanted to beat their record on how to get through the course. After this activity, everyone was hungry, so we went to have lunch. After lunch on the field, we did a chinese drumming activity where the students had to listen and watch the teacher for when the could hit the drum. I helped a boy called Josh during this activity, because he was a little excited and kept wanting to hit the drum. This was the final activity of the day and we headed back to the ferry after we took a group photo.

Author: Molly Megan

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