CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 4: Nov 23

The day started with a ferry boat ride from Central to Discovery Bay. Three of the classes were going to be involved in a sports for all day in Discovery Bay International School. They would be joining South Island, Beacon Hill and DBIS and doing various activities. The activities included obstacle courses, parachute games, Chinese drums and many other activities. While the activities were being set up the students had a fun time playing in the DBIS playground. The activity programme started off with DBIS students giving us a great welcome on the Chinese drums. The students were divided into different groups so they could interact with different students from different schools. Today was a day of great learning for me as I got to experience different activities and observe the reactions of the students and how they interacted with a new environment and people. I was working with the ‘Yellow’ group for the day. We started by playing small games such as a three-legged race, egg on a spoon and throwing bean bags. The students had a lot of fun playing these games, it was a great activity to get the students excited and energized for the rest of the activities. Many of the students especially enjoyed the three-legged race. I was surprised at how well the students communicated with each other when doing the three-legged challenge. Some of them paired up with people from other schools and still were great at communicating with each other to complete the race. After these games, the ‘Yellow’ group moved on to playing with the parachute.

We started by first shaking the parachutes to get warmed up. Then we played a game where a beach ball was placed in the middle of the parachute and we all had to collectively shake the parachute until it was caught by someone. Then we moved on to a similar game but now with the bean bags. Multiple bean bags were placed on the parachute as kernels and the aim was to shake off the bean bags as they had now popped and become popcorn. Unfortunately, we were not able to ‘pop’ the popcorn completely and had to stop halfway through because everyone’s hand had started to get tired.

So to give a rest to our arms, we all lifted up the parachute and based on either the fruits we were assigned or the school we represented, had to run under the parachute and switch places with someone else. This game was really for the students but also slightly chaotic. Many students started running around when it wasn’t their turn or they randomly ran somewhere so had to be brought back. After a tiring and fun half an hour with the parachute, we moved on to the obstacle course.

The obstacle seemed to be what the students enjoyed the most. They all had an unbelievable amount of energy left in them after doing all the previous activities. They easily passed through obstacles like hurdles, or balance beams and even did an army crawl! After this the students were drained and hungry which was perfect as it was lunch time.

After lunch we learnt to play the Chinese drums. The instructor used a basketball to guide when the drums should be hit. They were instructed to hit the drums when the ball touched the ground. This seemed as an efficient way to get they students to play the drums and follow the beat. Most of the students did a good job on following the ball. However, at times some of them would randomly start playing the drums but once reminded to follow the ball, they would once again start easily following the ball.

Today was a great opportunity for the students has they got to have a day off school and just have fun and learn new things. This event provided them with the chance of knowing people from other schools and interacting with an environment they were not used to. I learnt a lot from this experience about how different techniques could be used to teach the students something. I also learnt about how collaboration can be taught to the students by making them play fun games with unfamiliar people.

Author: Yashasvi Parekh

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