CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 2: Nov 21

Today was pretty much the same. But we did different activities such as playing rugby. I was very surprised with how everyone played. Most of them were quite good at the simple activities they were asked to do. I am actually now assigned to look after Christopher as mentioned about him in the previous reflection. So I was handling him during playing rugby, he was not really active, he was usually walking through any drills that the coach made us do, so I tried to motivate him to put a little more energy.

I was also told to make a poster for the upcoming Christmas celebration, so everyone had to make a poster for every class. I was asked to make the following sign into a poster. So I was asked whether I am a good painter to paint out the poster but I told the teacher instead of painting which I am not really good at, I could make it on computer. So I made the signs as shown in the computer and printed it out. I cutted the reindeer and the sign. The rest of the parts were not supposed to be printed, instead it would be covered with red sheets of paper.

I think I am able to communicate with the students a little better from before, I feel like they are also recognising me a little bit. I give them high fives and try to talk to them from time to time to grab their interest and bring connection between each other.

We also took them to the library today, I read many books to Christopher even though he was not listening to much. But I obviously understand that, which is why I tried to give him the smiley face token whenever he focused.

Author: Rohan Bajaj

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