CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 2: Nov 21

Behind every production is the sweat and determination of many others. This is what I learned today. Although I was assigned back to “Emerald” class, I spent my day in the art room. I spent the day constructing signs, starting with a grey magazine collage forming the shape of an umbrella, and moving on to create “Naughty” and “Nice” road signs, all for the Christmas play. This experience was very different from yesterday’s experience, where today was based only on arts and crafts. However, I learned a lot from today’s experience. I learned that in plays and drama productions, there are a lot of props, costumes, backdrops, etc. Although these may only appear for a couple of seconds in the final showcase, they are the result of many hours of hard work. We often take these “minuscule” things for granted, and criticize them instead of appreciating them. Therefore, in today’s experience, I have learned to sympathize with people further, and allowed me to be thankful for what I have, since these are the product of a lot of people’s hard work.

Being situated in the artroom has also led me to understand some of the hardships that the students at Sarah Roe have to face everyday. This is because while I was working on props, there was an art teacher working individually with some students. Although the challenges that they may face are different, I can see how dedicated they are, trying not to let their problems affect their work. For example, in one of the classes, there was a student who was very auditory sensitive, and would scream with different sounds. However, he was still quite dedicated, and tried to finish his artwork, whilst trying not to scream. Although the art-making process was calming him down, he still had some sudden outbursts. Because of this, his aid suggested playing some music, and the results were immediate. The student’s outburst frequency drastically decreased, and he even started to bob his head and sing some lyrics with the music. Seeing this scene has further led me to see that I should appreciate what I have. This also leads to the popular thought that every little thing counts, as evident in this case. Although to us, music may seem like something we have everyday, and is nothing special, it is very special to some people.

Author: Kiho Masui

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