CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 2: Nov 21

Today, since there was less helpers in the classroom than yesterday, I had to take more responsibility to look after the students and help them if they are in need. In the morning, I helped them to unpack their lunchboxes and water bottles and get ready to learn. The teacher explained that she wanted the students to get into a daily routine and be able to follow it, since it is hard for them to understand what to do when there isn’t a set plan. Then, we had a short ‘circle time’ where the students were able to take responsibility in the class by becoming a line leader, a library monitor or a water bottle monitor. Then the class had an early snack time before going to music lesson. During the music lesson I looked after two students to make sure that they understood the activity and stayed calm. The students learnt a song and had a chance to come up and sing a part of the song. One of the kids knew how to sing “You are my sunshine” in Spanish! Next the students played with these small musical instruments called Rainbow Bells. They had to follow the instructions and only play the rainbow bell when they were told to. It was hard for some of them to stop playing with the bells because they thought it was really fun, but I tried my best to assure them that they will get a turn to play the bell if they waited for the teacher.

Then I brought the students to their rugby lesson. The teachers had to go to a meeting, so I had to look after every student in my class, which proved to be a little difficult since the lesson was on a big field and the kids kept wanting to run off. Most of the class were very well behaved and stood in lines to wait for their turn to play with the rugby ball. They all seemed to enjoy rugby and were sad to go back to their other classes. After rugby, we went back to the classroom and practiced for their christmas show. One of the boys played a news anchor/dj and did a very good job remembering his lines. Because it was christmas themed, the girls built a snowman and the boys did a dance to Ice Ice Baby XD. It was a good chance to connect with them because they got to dance and express themselves. After practicing, it was time for playtime and lunch. During playtime I got to meet some of the other children in other classes and they were all curious to meet the other volunteers from RCHK.

After my lunch break, I went back to the classroom to help the kids with reading. I had to take any notes if they had any trouble reading certain words and to make some general comments about their skill level. This allowed me to get a better understanding of what their skill levels were. After reading, we did a art activity where we made some gifts to sell at the christmas show. I helped the students if they needed it and keep the class under control. I think some of the students were too excited for home time and they got a bit jumpy, which upset some of the students. I had to remind them that they would not be able to get any stars if they continued behaving this way and would not be able to get a prize at the end of the week. After helping the kids pack away their things, I was dismissed at around 2:45.

Author: Molly Megan

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