CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 2: Nov 21

They say the best way to get rid of a fear is to face it, and thanks to Sarah Roe, I got the opportunity of doing that. Today, I with a bunch of students studying at Sarah Roe went to Sai Kung for sailing. We left for Sai Kung from the school at 9:35 in the morning by a bus that was booked by the school. Once we reached, I met the instructor over there named Mark. He was very nice and I was with him for the entire time. Each student had 1 adult in the sailboat for safety issues. I went with Mark in the motorboat to create the boundary areas for the sailing activity as well as to ensure that safety of the people in the sailboat. Even though I did not sail, I have always had a fear of water and managing to go in a waterboat and engage in water activities was a rewarding experience, especially doing it with the special needs children makes the task more challenging. However, I was quite surprised to see how matured and smart the kids were as they knew how to sail a boat very quickly, as Mark only gave a 10-15 minute briefing. We went near Trio Beach and started sailing outside the boundary areas of the beach. Each sailboat had 1 child and 1 adult and there were about 6 boats in total participating in various activities such as going in circular motions and figure-eights. There were not any real challenges as the weather was perfect and the wind was strong. It was so surprising to see how the autistic children were having fun and understanding how to do such a difficult task like sailing and engaging with them. We finished at 11:30am and reached back to the base at 11:45am where everyone showered and changed and headed back to the school at 12:00pm. After I reached back the school at 12:30pm, I had lunch for 30 minutes and then went on to running some tests with some of the special children. We were testing the physical fitness on some of the obese children studying at Sarah Roe to see their progress from their previous test. The test included, running from 1 end of the hall to the other end, 10 secs plank, 10 sit ups, 10 basketball dribbles, 10 catching tennis balls, 10 bird dogs, 10 squats, 10 kicking a soccer ball to a cone and other. We tested 3 girls and it was quite depressing to see that how they are in an even more difficult situation due to their weight and disability. Everyday I enter and leave the school, I just thank god for how fortunate I am to live a happy and normal life.

Sailability, Hong Kong, Sai Kung

Author: Aryan Sethi

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