CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 1: Nov 20

I started off the day painting proposal for the Christmas Show. Then I joined the “Diamond” class on their photo presentation; where they are expected to send in photos from the weekend and explain what they did using the questions 5W and 1H. After photo presentation was PE time. During PE time, I took on the role as an EA and made sure everyone was listening to instructions. I also actively engaged in the PE lesson with the students; i.e. playing football. Soon, it was break time, and I made sure every students washed their hands before eating their snack. There was Shortly afterwards, I read to the students individually during “rotation hour” (therapist from the school comes into classroom to help student with their development). After lunch, I continued helping out the rotation session for 30 minutes and went into the artroom. In the art room, I sorted out new deliveries (6 x 100 sheets of color paper), put them on the shelf and sorted out the scrap paper section. After that, I assisted the students in packing their bags for home time.
Reflection: As this was my first time in a special needs school, I was not sure what to expect. However, I applied my skills and knowledge from my previous work experience (working at esf wu kai sha kindergarten). I found this to be very helpful as they had similar mental abilities. The biggest obstacle I faced today was getting the students to stay on task. Unlike a student without special needs, more patience and discipline is needed with students at Sarah Roe Club. As the students at the school have to build upon their self management skills, there are time that I have to be strict with the students (i.e. telling them not to hit their classmate, tell them that they are expected to listen and do what the teacher says.)

Author: Pak Lok Tsui

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