CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 1: Nov 20

Although I was originally pre-assigned to “Emerald Class”, I was relocated to help “Pearl Class”, as my original class only had 4 students today, and did not require my help. The experience at Sara Roe was more difficult than I expected. Although I have had quite a lot of prior experience in helping children, I have not had the chance to help students that have special needs.

During my experience today, I helped out with various activities, including arts and crafts for the Christmas school play, helping struggling students with PE, and maths. This day has taught me to appreciate the knowledge I possess, as this knowledge is the result of a lot of teacher’s hard work and time, and they had to endure the process I went through today, for a long period of time. Although what I did today may seem insignificant to me, it may actually be beneficial to the students in the long run.

Through these classes, the students learn a lot of important life skills, the main ones being independence and focus. This is because some students are used to having people help them, so they need to learn to become more independent and do activities for themselves. Some students also lack focus, as they get easily distracted, and may need some special guidance for them to go back to focusing on their work. However, despite of this, the teachers at Sarah Roe never lost their patience, and managed to maintain their calm and warm attitude towards the students, which is a skill that I am hoping to develop during this week.

Author: Kiho Masui

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