CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 1: Nov 20

I started off the day working as a teacher assistant in the “Gold class”. I was introduced to the students in the morning, we proceeded to have a brief “circle time” whereby students shared their weekend experiences to start off the day. We moved on to some literacy and music lessons in order to help the students work on their motor functions and to prepare for the Christmas show that will be held in December. Later throughout the day, there were activities such as Physical Education and cooking, which all aimed to increase and improve the interaction as well as social skills between students. Afterwards, to consolidate the skills that learned during cooking (skills that can be applicable in real life contexts), I worked with the students to help them create their individual recipe books on how to make a sandwich.

Reflecting on today, I felt that it has been an insightful and meaningful experience, so I definitely look forward to tomorrow and working with the students in my class again. As I have had previous experience working with special educational needs students from volunteer work, I was able to recognize what to look out for in some students or what to be aware of (e.g. some students are sensitive to certain auditory or touch stimulus), thus a lot of their behaviors and actions do not come as a surprise. Despite this, today has been an invaluable experience and opportunity to serve the needs of the special needs community.

Author: Bianca Yuen

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