CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 1: Nov 20

I was assigned to the “Ruby” class which is a secondary class. It is a class which is relatively fine to work with and most of the students in the class are able to find their way around school easily. The morning started off with the students doing a writing activity and due to a reason, one of the students started throwing a tantrum. In it, he physically started hitting objects that could hurt him so he had to be brought out of the classroom to relax. As his tantrum involved making really loud noises, some of the other students had to have their ears covered as they are sensitive to auditory stimulus. The class then proceeded to circle time where we sang songs and danced along to some of them. Next, we moved on to either having gym time or being in the sensory integration room. The gym had a lot of machines which were used but the children while the sensory integration room had soft flooring, therapy balls, and various toys. After the break, we focused on arts where we cut of different colors from magazines for a collage castle the students are making for the Christmas show. I had expected it to be an easy task but it wasn’t as the students tended to get off-track easily and ripped the pages and didn’t try and find the colors needed. We had to patiently remind the students to be back on task and keep encouraging them to continue. After lunch, we moved on to PE. The class started by practicing basketball and to end the class we went for a run around the whole campus. To end the day, we looked at pictures from the sports day they had last week and the students shared what they did over the weekend.

I had previously worked with special needs children, I knew what I should be expecting in terms of their behavior. Though as expected, the individual personalities of all the students were very different and this impacted the way they behaved. Overall, most of the students and staff members were very accepting and welcoming in the classroom. The students were really fun to work with especially during PE where I got to race one of the students. Today has been a very insightful and knowledgeable day and I am looking forward to everything I will be learning in the next few days.

Author: Yashasvi Parekh

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