CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 1: Nov 20

This week I was assigned to work with the Sapphire Class, who’s ages are all around 8-10 years old. We started the day off with P.E, and that was a good opportunity to learn the names of the students in my class and connect with them. We played some games that helped them to learn how to follow rules and did some exercises to help with their hand eye coordination. Then we went back to the classroom and did ‘Circle Time’, where the students got to share what they did over the weekend and talk to each other. I was quite surprised that so many of them were interested to learn more about me! Then I took the class to the SI room, which is a room filled with soft toys and climbing walls and I played some simple, ‘quiet’ games with them. After lunch, I supported the students in their rotations activity and I helped them with the reading/writing activity. They used ipads to make sentences, and practice speaking. I was dismissed at 2:30 after I helped the children tidy up and get ready to go.

Going into it, I was a little worried since I have never worked with special needs children, but I realized that I was experienced enough (since I tutor kids and I have done previous work experience in kindergartens) to be able to control and teach the students. I already have gotten to know quite a few of the students, especially Joshua and Edward, but I hope to talk to all of them more tomorrow. Initially I was quite nervous after I chose to go on this CAS week activity, but after the first day I don’t regret choosing to go to JCSRS at all 

Author: Molly Megan

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