CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 1: Nov 20

For my CAS week, I was assigned to the “Silver Crust” class. It consists of around 8 students.

We started the first day by doing small activities such as making necklaces where we gave the students beads in which they used a piece of string and tried to insert it through every bead that was given.

Other activities we came across to was tracing alphabets. They had trouble doing it which is when we hold their hands and try to help them to trace the given letters properly and firmly.

I came across a student named Christopher. He was very hard to work with at once because he tend to not listen and follow instructions, he was usually day dreaming, but I slowly tried to explain and eventually try to make him so what he was supposed to do.

They are given a card in which they get 5 smiley faces to reach their goal, and their goal can be anything such as 1 minute fidget time, snacks, play time, etc. So if we notice any of the students are off task, then we point and show them their goal and pretend to remove it from the paper, and they literally hold your hand to stop you from taking out and start to focus back on their task.

They also sent the students to a room called the ‘multi-purpose room’ in which there is a disco light, bean bags, and blankets, in which the students rest and take a short nap before their next activities which requires more stress or engagement. This was really interesting. Another thing which I really was engaged by was the fact how the students know where every room is and listen very nicely despite of their condition. We do help them and make sure they reach to the right places but they are always aware of where they are appointed to go to.

We were also practicing for the christmas show, in which we played “Jingle Bells Rock”. Every student were assigned the instruments and I was very impressed with how they were all playing especially the ones who played the piano and the drums. I really liked the way how everything was set up. For example for the piano notes, instead of telling them the notes, making them hard to explain and making it hard for them to understand, they put different color stickers in the different piano keys and were given a paper with the colors in order matching with the keys on the piano that should be played according to the song.

Author: Rohan Bajaj

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