CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Jewellery Making

Hatton Jewellery Institute is Hong Kong’s foremost professional jewellery making hub.  Come and join this thriving creative community for one week! This course is designed for beginners to experience jewellery making, or for those with experience to extend their skills. Develop techniques used by professionals and discover your own creative potential.

Project 1: The copper collection
An 8 inch x 8 inch of copper sheet will be provided to create a jewellery collection. 

Project 2: The silver piece
Student will be given one piece of 3 x 4 cm silver sheet to work on a delicate piece.  Any extra silver will be charged at HKD 15 per gram.

Course content: Design Process – Jewellery Making Process – Finishing & Polishing

Included: Tools and silver will be provided during the class ( up to 22 gram of silver and copper for practicing)

During this 5-day course, we will guide you through:

1. Introduction to a professional jewellery environment

2. Workshop tour

“Behind the scenes” of jewellery making process

3. Introduction to design thinking

Understand collection goals

4. Challenge of the week: Make your own jewellery collection

Develop collection design options

5. Develop collection technical specification

Mentoring through original design and problem solving

6. Reflection and feedback session

For more information:

"I got to explore a different form of art which is what I am passionate about and want a career in. It was a great experience and a wonderful skill to learn!" ~ Stephanie Yu
"The most enjoyable thing about my CAS week at Hatton Studios was I get to design and make my own jewellery and get a product of my own. It was an enjoyable experience overall." ~ Ching Lam
"Jewellery making is a great opportunity to experiment and learn how to use different machines when manipulating metal." ~ Samantha Tsui
"I really enjoyed talking and spending time with my peers at Hatton Studios. Staff at Hatton Studios were really friendly and I really enjoyed the relaxed and safe environment of the studio." ~ Natalie Chan

"I got to meet people who art with jewellery and it's chill there. One week was too short!" - Abrianna Cheung

"I enjoyed having the opportunity to make my own personal jewellery collection. Also, the people at Hatton Studios were very friendly and helpful, making the experience more memorable." ~ Julie Choi


HKD 5,000




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