CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Jewellery making 2

Our group is choosing to do a series of videos to show our CAS Week experience, accompanied by a short bit of writing in the description. Here is our first video.

First couple of days jewellery making at Hatton Studios for RCHK’s CAS Week: learning the ropes! After a tour of the studio, we spent our time experimenting with the basics and designing things out of the various bits of copper and silver that were given to us. Overall, it was a fun day – with everyone having their own muse for their jewellery, we produced some pretty incredible pieces for people who have never done this before.

Vlogger: Natalie Chan (on behalf of Ching Lam, Stephanie Yu, Julie Choi, Samantha Tsui, Maisha Maryam, Jodie Lee, and Abrianna Cheung)

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