CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 2: Getting started on the project...

By Jobert

Due to the second day of unrests, we were unable to get to school for our course today. Thankfully, Natalie (the leader of OWN Academy) arranged for us to do our activities remotely by using an app called Zoom that allowed us to video call each other (apart from those who couldn't get their cameras working, so in their case it would be a normal call). By communicating with each other remotely, we were still able to proceed with the day as planned, albeit without physically interacting with each other. 

After getting used to Zoom, our client KELY Support Group called in at 10:30 am to give us an opportunity to directly communicate with them about their specific requirements for the final product (a short film about e-cigarettes) and learn more about e-cigarettes in general to help us in making said product. 

We ended the call for a short while to collect our ideas and generate new ones, then reconvened at 11:40 to discuss what we had and be sorted into groups based on our ideas. During that time, I had thought about doing a rap battle video, since KELY wanted us to raise awareness about e-cigarettes, rather than being for or against their use. I thought that by using the format of a rap battle, I could present the pros and cons, then leave it to the audience to make up their own minds on the matter. 

However, this idea was rejected by Caius (the professional assisting us with creating these videos), since it wasn't narrative-driven enough, and thus wouldn't meet our client's requirements. In my group, I came up with a second idea about having a YouTuber slowly getting addicted to e-cigarettes, and my groupmates helped to refine this idea and add in several of their own, such as how we would film the shots and splitting the short film into two parts. Eventually, we fleshed out a narrative that incorporated all of our ideas for this short film in the form of a script and storyboard, which actually incorporated some rap elements into it.

Even though today didn't go as planned in multiple ways, the lessons I learnt were worth the abrupt detours. Using videoconferencing technology to plan and communicate with my team members was a unique experience as we didn't have the luxury of physical contact and interaction, and I think I wouldn't have come up with the same ideas I had if this was done on-site. Getting my initial idea rejected and still managing to incorporate a part of it into the final plan also taught me that any good idea is built with the bones of unused ones, so I should not overlook something just because it failed or got rejected. I had previously used a physical storyboard for most film projects that I was involved in, so switching to a digital one made me realize that storyboarding does not have to be an arduous process of sketching, which was the main reason I tried to avoid using one as much as possible, making me realize that doing something a different way may change my perspective on it.

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