CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Design and Architecture

Design and Architecture

OWN Academy’s Design Center Program focuses on the process of ‘design thinking’ applied to challenges of real world context. This program offers a real-world learning experience that allows students to work alongside various design professionals: graphic designers, architects, and/or product designers. It focuses on the connection between each profession, which is the design thinking process while providing students with knowledge of skills and tools used by the industries. By first building a foundational knowledge around the challenge/problem, students will be guided to think in the mind of a designer, then work towards providing ideas which may have students navigating the various industries of design to realize.

Learning Goals

● Exercise “design thinking”

● Ability to analyze data to find patterns, trends and even stories

● Bringing ideas to reality in a realistic manner

● Thinking in an innovative and creative manner


● A design prototype (whether graphic, model, or product prototype) aimed to address the challenge/problem presented that is realistic and implementable

● Mentorship by industry professionals

● Portfolio to showcase work done that can be presented to future employers


Day 1 | Introduction What is design? How to conduct research? (Understanding the challenge)

Day 2 | Ideation and Concepting (Using research for ideas)

Day 3 | Design / Prototyping and Realization (Skills training: graphics and modeling, physical/digital) 

Day 4 | Refine / Prototyping and Realization

Day 5 | Presentation & Exhibition Pitching, feedback, and showcase

We go outside to learn, go through theory, use architectural software and then present your design to a panel of industry specialists. The creation is made into a 3D model that can be seen with VR glasses!

Location: Mostly held on school campus with some off-site visits

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HD 5,000


Min 8 students


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