CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 8

By: Grant and Josh

On the last day, we went back to Deeya Shree for the last time. Even though we only met the students 2 days ago and don’t even know their names that well, we still felt a connection with them. The students were very enthusiastic and eager to learn, and I believe this attitude grew on us. We all became children again during break, whether it was playing games, throwing paper airplanes, or teaching how to play the ukulele. I personally, channeled my inner child by playing football with the students. I felt like a child again, and scored 2 goals, which I am very proud of. When we’re teenagers, we’re usually very cynical and unpassionate. This experience has allowed us to have some simple fun again. Even though I was teaching them science, it felt like they were teaching us the value of letting go of our worries and just live in that moment. 

After saying goodbyes at Deeya Shree, we went back to Tamil market. Our return after 4 days away from the market left us all with feelings of melancholic deja vu. While the bustling symphony of the market took our minds back to the start of our trip, we all knew that our time in nepal was soon going to end. As our last farewell to the country and its wonderful cuisine, we went to a vegan restaurant for our last dinner. With our mouths still watering from the scents of our meals, we were hustled towards the airport, ready to board our flight back home.

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