CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 7 - No Chickens, Just Steak

By: Millie and Olivia

For the first time in a while, we are glad to say that we weren't woken up by chickens but instead by the beautiful sound of our phone alarms. We were lead on tour of a temple and museum bright and early and it's easy to see why Luang Prabang received its world heritage title. Inside, we were told stories and legends, one of them about a powerful monkey which brought over a top of a mountain as it contained medicine for his sick brother.

We had lunch at a local restaurant with dishes that were slightly confusing, but nonetheless interesting and delicious. Finally, the moment we were waiting for had arrived. It was time to visit the waterfall!

The waterfall was located in a bear sanctuary (luckily there were no bears in the water!) and we were given time to swim around and enjoy the views. Afterwards, we travelled through the beautiful countryside in our trucks back to the hotel.

As this was our last night in Laos, we were given free reign over our dinner options. After days of wonderful and unique local food, it's not a surprise that most of us had been craving a nice piece of steak and some pasta. With our stomachs full, we walked towards the night market for one final round, eventually taking tuktuks back to our hotel to have our final sleep in Laos.

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