CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 7

By: Brian Chan  & Jerry Ip

Today we continued our service at the Deeya Shree school, working with different year levels in different subject areas. 

As usual, we woke up early and prepared our teaching material to fit the school hours. 

After breakfast, we headed to the Deeya Shree English Boarding School where our second day of teaching commenced. Our team of student-teachers continued teaching various subjects (Maths, English, Tech, Science, etc.) to a number of students, who were all enthusiastic and eager to learn from us. Whilst teaching mathematics, we were surprised as the students surpassed all our prior expectations, forcing us to improvise questions on the spot. Afterwards, I was able to have a chat with the headmaster (Mr Keshab), where he noted that even the smallest efforts in helping the children could go a long way.

As part of the technology teaching team, the students were continually provided with resources to improve their typing skills during lessons, while we stood around giving them advice after teaching them the basics. The students were very enthusiastic to learn, especially in the lower years, where we found the overall experience of teaching foreign students very interesting, yet mentally draining. Since I was teaching and knew personally what level of knowledge they were at, I finally understood in person how privileged we are to have this access to this much learning resources. It also made me appreciate my teachers more, because now I know how tough a teachers job can be to keep so many students in line and keeping track of their progress. 

After teaching we visited the Pashupatinath Temple where people of the Hindi religion cremate the deceased. The experience didn't really appeal to me in a good way, but reminded me to be respectful and open minded of other people's culture and behave accordingly. 

This event filled day ended with the group sharing their overall view of the trip along with a mutual exchange of Rustic Ties, surrounded by a panoramic view of Bhaktapur. We will be leaving tomorrow, but I truly hope we can come back soon

फेरि भेटौला (Pheri Vetaula)!

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