CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 7

By Janet

Today is the final day of our CAS trip and though largely uneventful (as we will be spending the most of it travelling), all of us has managed to make the most out of it anyways, such as by buying double scooped Hagen Dazs ice cream for $32.5 HKD- which costs even less than one scoop in Hong Kong which goes for $48 HKD (highlight of the day). 

Anyways, we woke up at 4:30 for a 5:15 leave towards Kruger airport to catch a transfer flight from Johannesburg to HK. On our way out of the park, it came as a surprise to many of us as we managed to encounter the sable antelope, one of the rarest antelope species in the park. This was then followed by an hour of sluggish silence until we actually reached the airport where we hopped onto what seemed like a 20 minute flight, hopped off, transferred to our bigger flight, and basically passed out as I’m currently writing this in the dark after waking up from a 2 hour sleep.

With officially 4 hours and 33 minutes left on our CAS trip, I’d just like to make a final note on behalf of everyone. Despite only having been in South Africa for a week, everything we have seen and experienced has truly been such a breath of fresh air. From the kindness and curiosity of the people, to the abundance of exciting wildlife and the beauty of its nature, I highly encourage anyone reading this to visit South Africa or just somewhere you’d never expect yourself to go.

As A$AP Rocky puts it, “Create, Explore, Expand, conquer” 

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