CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 6 - The Travellers

By David and Pierre

We were woken up by cheerful noises from the villagers in the morning during the usual time. As we walked out the door of our home stay for breakfast, we noticed that some villagers were enthusiastically carrying flowers and all sorts of food towards the dining area. That was because of the leaving ceremony that the wonderful villagers had prepared for us. Their passion and culture was fully represented in this ceremony, where we sat in a circle around a large flower decoration with food below. The villagers gave many compliments and wished us a good future. 

Later, we took the trucks and boarded a boat. The boat was neat and tidy, as our tour guide explained to us that the boat is also the home of the owner. From the boat, we went to a Buddhist cave. Although it was quite crowded, it was a nice experience since there are not many caves, especially religious ones, in Hong Kong.  After the cave, the boat brought us to the paper village where the locals demonstrated how they make their paper; we also bought a few notebooks to sell during the college fair. We then got on the trucks and travelled to the hotel. 

We then went back to our rooms, relaxed for a while and left to eat at 3 Nagas. The dinner included a drink, sticky rice, chicken curry, some vegetables and a grilled fish. Overall, today was a fun and exciting day as we could finally have a good shower, relax and learn about the ceremony and culture of the village. 

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