CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 6 - Surf finale

By Ingrid

Today was the last day of our amazing CAS Trip in Bali. We had an early breakfast of Indonesian noodles, eggs and watermelon juice before grabbing our surf gear and jumping into the waves for an early surf. The waves were amazing today, and we had heaps of fun, though some of us struggled to control the surfboard. After two days of surfing, most of us made a lot of progress and some of us even began to do small tricks. The current was strong today, and it was a tough surf, but all of us tried our best as it was our last time surfing in Bali on this trip. 

After several hours in the waves, we had some downtime where we walked along the beach, played games and talked to each other. It was nice to be away from our computers and schoolwork for a while and connect with each other. Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed traditional Balinese massages by the pool to soothe our aching muscles from our week of community service and surfing. We then played some beach games as the sun sank over the horizon. We had a hearty last dinner in Bali with barbecued chicken, prawn crackers, rice, corn, vegetables and more.  Mr. Burns conducted a quick debriefing regarding the trip, then we had an awards ceremony to recognise achievements and improvements in our surfing. 
Our last night in Medewi concluded with a late lights out at 10:00 pm. 

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