CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 6

By Chun Hei

After waking up at 4:30 in the morning, we all got up looking tired but pushed through as this will be our last morning safari. Through the help of caffeine and the African delight of rusks, we managed to get onto the safari car and set off for our safari.

To start the safari off, we did our usual prayers for cheetahs as it is the only animal from the magnificent seven that we haven’t seen yet. During this ride, we saw zebras, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, whiteback vultures and the rare wild dogs. Around 7:00, we took a half time break and went off the car at a pit stop to stretch our legs and bought some food. However, some people bought ice cream sandwiches for breakfast which is quite a special type of breakfast.

Afterwards, we saw a lion cub close to our jeeps that had lost its parents. This scene in front of our eyes looked like something directly out of a drama, where the cub was desperately looking for his mom. After a long while, the mother and son was finally reunited and walked far away into the distance.

Driving a few more miles ahead, we then saw a leopard in a tree just lying down and scouting out the area. At this point we were all hyping up as rhinos were the last animal in the big five that we hadn’t see yet on this drive, and when we were chanting rhinos, far in the distance were RHINOS! And that was the big five: buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhinos. 

The tradition here is that when you see the big five in one game drive, then you need to shave your head, but to save ourselves, we decided to change the tradition and opted for dying our hair purple.

After breakfast, we went to the educational sable trail and went for a dip in the pool to chill out from the extremely hot weather.

Setting off in good weather, we were expecting to see the magnificent seven. However, our hopes were down as we drove around for an hour and a half and saw only an elephant. Things get even worse when we had to close the blinds on the sides of our Jeep as heavy rain poured onto us. At this point we couldn’t even see anything and we were just rushing back to the campsite.

After dinner, the teachers gave a heartwarming speech and we went off to pack and prepare for the long journey awaiting us tomorrow.

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