CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 6

By Sharon & Livia

In the morning, we went to an animal shelter, Angkor Centre for Conservative of Biodiversity (ACCB), to see the many endangered animals of Cambodia and learn about their species. There were many endangered species in Cambodia, but ACCB ensures that the species are in good health and receive education on wildlife survival. The tour guides told us about the animals' nature and allowed us to observe them from a safe distance.

Our group then went to go hiking on the Kbal Spean mountain. Though there was a light shower, we still got to see a holy waterfall with the carvings of the three main Hindu gods. During the hike, our tour guide told us a brief legend about the three main gods and the historic tradition of how carved Linga would produce holy water from the water to cleanse the sins of the people.

After lunch, we took a bus to the landmine museum to gain some insight into the civil war of Cambodia. A past refugee who volunteers at the museum showed us the many terrors from the civil war and discussed how the current situation in Cambodia is affected by the consequences of the war. 

We then went to an NGO centre, Phare, to participate in a circus workshop with a few circus performers from the Phare Cambodian Circus. We interacted with the circus performers and learnt some of the acrobatic skills they incorporated into the performance.  Finally, we got to see the incredible circus performance, "Eclipse," and it was an excellent performance that blew us all away.

After a long day, our group felt physically and mentally drained from the long bus rides, hiking, and basic acrobatics training. But within one day we were able to achieve so much and learn about the Cambodian history and learn a bit about the excitement of acrobatic training. At the end of the day, the circus performance was a huge treat! We felt refreshed from the fresh air from the hike and the excitement from the circus.

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