CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 5 - Surf Skills & Ocean Safety

By Bob & Arnav

Today was a spectacular day with a lot of ups and downs. 

The day started of with a morning run with Mr. Burns, this run allowed us to be refreshed for the long day ahead. After the refreshing run, we had some crepes made out of local fruit. After a big breakfast, we went straight into a 2 and half hour surf. The huge waves along with some amazing experiences with the instructors and teachers. Those waves lead to some classic wipeouts. 

In the afternoon, we were taught theories of surfing, where we identified between rips and tides, we also discussed some of the preparations of precautions of surfing, so that we could be more aware tomorrow when we have our last surf. 

We then proceeded to play on the beach with some running-intensive games and competitive games. much of us were exhausted so colin decided that the rest that wanted to stay at sea remain hip-levels of water to be safe. 

After all the fun and games, we had a rejuvenating rest just above shore, and proceeded to have dinner at 7. We were then shown some photos from our surf and we had a great laugh.

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