CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 5 - Last night at home stay

By Daniel, Chris & Isaac

Once again we were woken by more chickens in the morning, everyone woke up and had breakfast to start out our joyful and eventful day. After breakfast, we took off to a farm to experience the life of a farmer in Laos. Although I was rough and sunny, the group still found it fun and learned a lot.

After farming, we took a break and made our way to the high school and proceeded with our construction project work. Even though it doesn’t feel like we did a lot, we wish the best of luck to all the schools that will also contribute to this project in the future. We came back to the village to enjoy our dinner.

Not being well prepared, we presented our dance to the villagers and they seemed to enjoy it a lot; and even joined in. Once again, the villagers also shared their cultural songs and dances which we participated in, they also shared a traditional game in which we all had fun. With heavy hearts we head to bed knowing we will leave this place tomorrow, having another long day ahead of us. 

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