CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 5

By Iza

Today’s the last day of our homestay. Some people joined a hike to the peak of the mountain and woke up at six thirty, others slept and woke up at eight. After the hikers came back, we waited for them to have their breakfast and then we exchanged our gifts to the homestay family and took lots of photos. To hike down back to the main road, we had to walk down lots of very steep slopes, and it felt a bit dangerous. 

About an hour, we finished the hike back down, and went to the house where they treated us cakes and teas, and then, we jumped on the van, heading back to Kathmandu.

Since most of us didn’t have the chance to shower in the village homestay, yet we have sweated a lot with the hike and the paint work, we could not hide our excitement towards the hour or two for the bath in the new hotel we were going.

After indulging in hot showers, the new, good smelling us went to a square next to our hotel in Bhaktapur. It was a religious tourism place where there were temples and shops around to explore and hangout.

It was six o’clock, and we got an hour to hang around the place before we go to the restaurant where we have dinner.

There were nine of us as a group hanging out on the busy street of Kathmandu. Motorcycles were rushing from all directions to the other, and there was no traffic lights or such. Nepalis obviously were very capable to find a path for them to cross the street, yet we were panicking and screaming just because there was a car coming in 5 metres. 

We walked across a temple, and there were lots of music and dances, with crowds gathering and cheering. We silently appreciated the thing for two minutes, yet we still have no idea what was going on though.

Further we walked, we found a cafe that sells waffles and ice creams. We simply could not resist the strong desires of sweets, so we just walked in the shop. Not to say too much about how good the food were, but the real highlight was that the food arrived at around 7:47 (and the chicken nuggets arrived like 7:52)and we only have 13 minutes for us to finish the food and run back to the place we were. The moment we quickly finished the food and paid the bill, it was 7:56, we had 4 minutes left.

Get set...GO!

We nine just ran on the street, escaping from the motorcycles and people. Like a teen movie or more like an action movie, we sprinted through the streets like mad. Pretty sure some of the Nepalis were quite shocked seeing a bunch of foreigners running while laughing so crazily.

A real fun time, and yes, very intense.

It was 7:59, we went back to the temple where there was a ceremony going on.

Every street we crossed through, we stopped and counted if there were still nine of us.

The moment we rushed back to the gathering point, we almost passed out and could not breathe anymore.

I took out my phone, checked the screen. All the joy of succeeding all flee away like a flash, and the quick despair just took over the mood of us nine. It was 7:01.


We were late. But never mind, the teachers were not here, we were one minute late, they were two.


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