CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 5

By Bella, Alvin and Joyce

This morning we met with one of the staff from BFT and donated bags of useful materials to people in poverty, we learnt about what happened during the Cambodian Genocide and how the BFT was founded. We proceeded to use our self created plan to run an English lesson at the community centre and the old school. This opportunity was a really enjoyable experience for us to learn and interact with the kids. The kids were extremely energetic and enthusiastic which made it a lot of fun. Afterwards we spent some time doing community service where we help to paint the walls to promote the importance of hygiene. For the rest of the afternoon we did our skills exchange activity in which we taught 4 separate groups to dance a small section of a song. 

The first group was very energetic, which gave us a lot of confidence as we were initially quite nervous about the lesson. All the kids were motivated and ready to learn new skills, so the lessons ran very smoothly. Even though everyone was tired at the end of the skills exchange lessons, it was certain that we all had a blast and enjoyed every single moment of it. Before we left the school, we did a flash mob of the dance with all the students and teachers. Seeing everyone come together to dance what we taught them was incredible and was definitely one of the most memorable moments for us. When we left, many kids gave us warm hugs for the last time and it was truly heartwarming. For dinner, we were invited to Lim’s house for a barbecue. The food was top notch and we enjoyed every dish on the table. Before we left, we purchased a few softies plushies, where the funds go towards a greater good. 

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