CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 4

By Grace, Monique and Mike

What did we do today?

We started off the day with teaching children in the community centre, known as The HUSK organisation. We taught a pre-prepared lesson plan from the HUSK teachers, getting used to the teaching the students' energy for tomorrow’s lesson. Then, we went to the village to continue building the house. It was our last day building the house- finishing up some hammering, weaving and assembling the house. Lastly, we cooked three dishes: fish amok, Cambodian spring roll, and Cambodian sweet dumpling, and watched Cambodian music and dance together with the family that we helped. 

How did we feel?

Monique: From these activities, I think that this has taught us how to appreciate what we have. Through visiting the community and getting hands on experience by building houses for the family, we had a look of how they live and how they survive- which was very surprising to us as we have only heard the descriptions, not actually seeing and experiencing the poverty in Cambodia. Furthermore, listening to  the family saying how it is rare for them to have such a good dinner that we have enjoyed altogether, it really gave us the insight of the poor families in Cambodia and how they live. Therefore, through the different lifestyles of the families, we were able to see how lucky we are to live in a first world economy.

Mike: At the first part of the teaching session, I was actually pretty nervous, but with the enthusiasm and the helpfulness of the kids, I was able to overcome the difficulty and taught the students. Though my part of the teaching is very hard and I failed to demonstrate the game to the students at first, my second demonstration was successful and the kids really put their hearts into the games, which make me very impressive and thankful. After that, in the afternoon, we finished the building, cooked 3 traditional dishes, and watched a Cambodian dance, with all the work done, I feel very accomplished as it is the very first time that I succeeded in such a grand group project to built a proper house. Overall, I was really happy about helping out the Cambodian family in poverty, and the Cambodian cultures really broadened my eyesight.

What did we learn?

Today, we learnt about how to teach a group of foreign kids English through a range of activities. We also learnt about planning the lesson to make the class more interesting as we did a lesson plan for tomorrow all by ourselves. Moreover, we learnt to cook three traditional Cambodian cuisine: fish and monk, Cambodian spring rolls, and Cambodian rice dumpling. By cooking and sharing the food with the family that we helped, we really learnt the joy and cheerfulness of helping others. In fact, at the end, we even get a bit emotional for leaving the family and their little kids. Lastly, by watching the traditional Cambodian dance, we were able to know more about Cambodian culture, religion, arts, and society. The dancers made us laugh and surprise through their flexible body and creative dance moves, and the musicians displayed excellent performance and perfectly showed the attraction of local Cambodian music.It would certainly be a memory that we will miss when this trip is over. 

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