CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 4: Kruger Safari

By Wynne and Nathan

We woke up early at five and we went on a bush walk in the wilderness of the Kruger safari. Despite the foggy morning sky and chilling drizzles of rain, it was a pleasant experience learning about various aspects of the ecosystem which function in coherence to sustain life in the wilderness.

Afterwards, we had a big breakfast and a talk on anti rhino poaching. This issue was relatively new to me and I’ve learnt a lot on the issue. Rhino poaching is a significant problem in South Africa and The Kruger National Park. The park has recorded over 200 rhinos being poached yearly since 2008, and had a peak of over 800 rhinos being poached in around 2016. Besides the horror of the number of rhinos being poached, we’ve also learnt more on how rhinos are being poached and possible solutions to help reduce rhinos being poached.

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