CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 4 - Bob the Builder

By Malvin & Eugene

Again, we woke up at 7 in the morning for breakfast (although the chickens did it first early in the morning). Then we went to the local high school for a tour, learning about their enormous class sizes compared with ours (42 or even 52 students per class!). Next we had to channel our inner Bobs (the builder), putting on our yellow helmets and gloves to begin our construction work. We participated in cement making, wall building, dirt shovelling and hoeing - resulting in exhausted arms but a sense of accomplishment, as we had helped with building dormitories for those students who had to travel distances of up to 40 kilometres away from the school.

After spending hours on the project, our group was invited to play football and volleyball with local students. This experience allowed us to collaborate with the local students. We ended the day learning how to make the traditional ceremonial decoration with banana leaves and flowers.

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