CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 4

By Diya & Prashina

We woke up early to pack, as we were moving to Brown Sugar Surf Camp today. We were very excited, to get started with the surfing and live this new experience. At breakfast we ate egg whites, bread, noodles and fried rice, as we saw some wild monkeys climbing trees around us. After breakfast we walked up to a forest of lantanas, where we helped to dig up the dry lantana trees so the deer and animals to have free space and a habitat to live in. After looking at the results of what accomplished, we felt really good and were really proud that we could help the animals find a new home. We spent around 1 1/2 hours digging, then walked back down to catch the bus to Brown Sugar Surf Camp. Proceeding on the bus at around 10:30 am, we stopped mid way on the one hour bus ride at a small convenience store to pick up some snacks. 

Shortly after reaching the camp, we ate our spaghetti for lunch, then dived straight into surfing for a few hours. During surfing we faced challenges of balance and stability, as it was our first time surfing. It took us multiple tries but eventually we got it and could balance on the board, which was a really satisfying feeling.  Following the introduction to surfing we had some down time, and watched the pink sunset. As most of us never saw such a beautiful sunset, it was a one in a lifetime opportunity and was amazing. For dinner we had rice and chicken, with a refreshing lemonade and some down time playing pool to end the day.

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