CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 3 - Education - But Not Us

By Angus and Wyat

It was another early morning for all of us, except that we (and almost all of us) were woken up by a big wholesome cockdoodledoo from the chickens in the village at 0430 in the morning. After breakfast (the fried rice was very good), we set out to the nearby primary school where we taught different groups of students the activities that we had planned prior to the trip.  Most of them were activity based and it was awesome to see the kids having fun with us. We were also treated to a special performance where the kids danced with us (very wholesome and cute). And then we came back for lunch.

Afterwards, it was time for us to get a little wet (quite literally). We were booked for an amazing and refreshing cruise down a river on newly made bamboo rafts in the afternoon. The river water was quite clear and mildly cold, which helped relieve all the newly acquired stress from the previous months of IB.  Finally we got to have fun swimming in the river and T-posing in the sun afterwards to dry ourselves.


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