CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 3

By Chris Chan & Nathan Ng

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to school due to civil unrest. We created a short video with footage we filmed to practice on the first day and stock footage from the internet based on our script we wrote yesterday. This was quite challenging as we had a very limited amount of footage and the use of stock footage meant that continuity within the film was non-existent due to different people in different stock footage clips. To overcome this, we decided to expand on a story provided by Caius, our instructor on Monday with footage provided by Nathaniel, Precious, and Reuben. We created an initial cut of the film by coordinating through a voice chat in the application “Zoom”. We feel disappointed as we weren’t able to film our footage based on the plans made yesterday. However, though this greatly hindered our creative ability, we as a group were still able to create a film that we could be proud of. 

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