CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 3

By Elisa Chow & Cheuk-To Chung

We went to a school to observe teachers teaching English to young children. For lunch, we had tofu curry, vegetables and chicken. Later on, we continued the process of building a house for the family, hoping to finish it tomorrow. 

CAS Week has been tiring but very rewarding. We were doing something meaningful by giving our time (and sweat) to help a family build a house that would hopefully shelter them from rain and storm; and keep the kids smiling. Bamboo is often considered as the ‘poor man’s timber,’and like earthen construction, the material is stigmatized and strongly associated with poverty. However, we disagree with that idea association, we think it is the wisdom of poverty that allows people to come up with creative solutions to combat long term issues of lacking financial ground and multigenerational struggles. 

We felt an indescribable feeling of compassion and love for the children here. We loved the feeling when the kids laugh and it was a great experience we went out of our comfort zone by learning new skills - such as hammering and sawing. Our hands were blistered and in pain but it is definitely worth it!

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