CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 2 - Kathmandu part ii

By Damien Chau

In the afternoon, we got the chance to visit a local market with plenty of stores selling various products. I seized this opportunity to purchase a magnet to stick on my family’s refrigerator, a small pouch and a handheld bag for my mother. Although there were pedestrians and merchants to be mindful of since stealing is a concern, walking in the market with friends is still enjoyable. There was a keen gadget seller who followed us around the streets and tried to sell us his products. Eventually one of our friends gave in and decided to buy his product. From that we were able to see how the locals struggled financially and had to hold on to every opportunity they had to sell their products. 

Overall, today we had a great opportunity to learn about the Seven Women’s Center in Kathmandu. Through participating in activities organised by the Seven Women’s Center such as touring the house, cooking and learning Nepalese have allowed us to have an in-depth understanding of how the organisation works, and also having the opportunity to learn about the language and the culture through having a lesson on the Nepalese language. 

The market was another enjoyable experience since we were allowed to explore the area and shop for things we wanted. Being able to experience the culture of nepal through seeing the local products such as spices and nepalese design handbag was incredible. Also, the architectures and the chaotic roads were extremely authentic, and reflected the quality of life and culture of the local area.

Drawing of our Nepali language teacher by Lara Bateman

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