CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 2: Elephants and Galore

By: Ashley Suh and Ashley Wo

Waking up in the early morning to quickly stuff everything into our bags and eat a light breakfast wasn't as easy as it sounds. Our guides told us that we would be heading to an elephant village to learn more about how these creatures are important to Laos' culture and are endangered. On the way we encountered lots and lots of dust. After the car ride we made it. Some of us were daring enough to feed and pet the enormous creatures. We also learnt that elephant dung is cooked to make hard paper. How wonderful. After the visit, we had another open truck ride. Eventually, we made it to our home stay village. The animals and especially the people were so welcoming and caring. They helped us kill insects that invaded our personal space. We later had a cultural exchange session where they introduced three local dances to us, and in exchange we introduced two Western games. They definitely enjoyed it and we did too. Now, let's see what the next day brings. Peace out. 

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