CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 2 : Edutainment

By Jasmine and Halden

Salutations, dear reader. On this fine day we rose early, preparing ourselves for what we believed to be an entertaining and educational trip out in the African bush - I hear they call it 'edutainment' these days, but I digress. We were able to put our trust to hope, seeing many fascinating beasts of these lands not in books but in the flesh; a precious and rare moment indeed. 

Also, we visited a local school - George Mhaule, to help build a playground for the local students there. This is to help with their overall development. We built a bus, an obstacle course and painted tires and wooden posts. We made great progress and  finished most of the work planned to do. We are tired but it was pretty fun to build the playground. We really hope the kids like it. After that, we hopped onto the bus and travelled back to camp for dinner.

Thereupon we were given an insightful and intriguing educational lesson on the brief but complex and deep historical circumstances which lead to Apartheid; from the Last Great Ice Age to the arrival of the Boers till Mandela. I believed that many were grateful for such and in-depth explanation of the intricate nature of the matter and hope that such valuable knowledge will sate the educational appetites of many.

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