CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 2

By Chung-Yi and Kashish

On the second day of our CAS experience, we had a group breakfast and played a fun name game to get to know each other. After that, we were able to go on a short but informative hike through the mangrove forest, which was lead by one of the leaders, Pak Nono, to learn about the various wildlife present in the forest. The hike halted at an open space with several mangroves, where we created a map of sound of the surrounding area to get a better understanding of the environment around us by identifying the different birds and insects around us. We then walked back to the camp and prepared for a brief snorkel swim as a taster session for the reef check tomorrow. Even though we were drained from the activities of the morning, we went to clean up a section of the mangrove forest. In order to do so, we listened to a presentation that was given by Pak Nono, informing us on coral reef ecology and the threats that they face. We assigned ourselves into groups of three and cleaned up the trash along the mangroves whilst noting down the quantity of the items, data logging it onto the CleanSwell app. Through this app, we are able to contribute our findings to identifying trends that can assist governments in deciding further action that to  take in order to mitigate this issue. Before dinner, we got a small talk about the reef check that is happening tomorrow, and how to data log the information that we obtain from our observing the reef. After dinner, we bonded as a group by playing a game of mafia, followed by a game of ninja, which allowed us to have some downtime from these activities together. As we were all tired from the days activities, we called it an early night and headed back to our respective houses to get some rest for tomorrow! 

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