CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 2

By Alex, Sunwoo and Jettie

Today, we went on an ox car ride, after we arrived at the community centre, we had the chance to learn to sew an upcycle bag ourselves. Moreover, painting and drawing on a wall. After lunch, we went to a village to start building a house for a family in poverty, the volunteer work that we did today include: 1) hammering floorboards and roofs; 2) weaving the palm leaves onto the boards. This project will be continued for the next two days. At around 5, we dropped by the supermarket for some snacks, followed by dinner and lesson plan for tomorrow, and that makes our day constructive and worthwhile.

We believe we are representing everyone in our trip today to say that today was a whole new level of tiredness compared to yesterday, as we did activities like making cement for the school floors in Kompheim Village, and started building a house for a family in poverty. Despite being very tired after these activities, we felt like the physical challenge was worth it as we learnt a lot through our activities. Knowing that we were lending more than just a helping hand and started making an impact on the social problem made all of us feel very inspired and sympathetic for the people currently living in poverty all around the world. We also felt excited for the activities that awaits for us tomorrow, as we will be teaching local children English and skills.

We started the day by riding the ox cart which was a new experience for all of us. It was quite scary at first but we all enjoyed the ride. Then we had a chance to listen to the talk about HUSK organization and we were inspired by their projects and their motivation and passion for their job. We also learnt how to sew from the softies ladies and it was quite surprising that when they first started they had no experience of sewing at all and they started this job solely with commitment and the passion to learn. We also had a chance to start building the house and it was all a very meaningful experience for us as this is a rare opportunity for us to take part in such a large scale project.

We learnt about the severity of poverty in Cambodia and the different levels of poverty. The family that we are building a house for a family in level 1 poverty, meaning that they are the poorest and only survive with 800 HKD per month. By us volunteering, we can help the families lives slightly better and by teaching kids English as this might lead them to new opportunities. Our lives are vastly different from Cambodian people who live in poverty as everything is really slow paced and there are many villages. We also learnt about HUSK's mission to help with minimizing the problem of poverty in Cambodia.

We are looking forward to teaching the children in Siem Reap as this is also a really new experience for us. Subsequently, we also feel very enthusiastic in continuing the house building project that we began today.

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