CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 1

by Karina and Michael 

You would normally assume for students having CAS in school to have it easy, right? WRONG.

Many of us were stuck in hour-long traffic, and some of us had to walk for forty minutes -- but apart from that, everything was pretty much smooth sailing. We were first introduced to our leaders for the week, Natalie and Caius, who gave us a debrief into what it took to create a film. (For all you curious souls, it was pre-production [concept brainstorming, script-writing, storyboarding], production [filming], and post-production [editing].) It may seem as if it were common knowledge, but we were taught how to write and structure scripts and storyboards in a professional level.

Throughout the week, we will be tasked to plan, film, and edit a narrative raising awareness of e-cigarettes amongst the youth for our client, KELLY SUPPORT. A single video will be taken from the many created, and published on their official website as actual promotion material. To prepare us for this, we were provided a short script and storyboard about the issue of vaping. Using the equipment provided by RedDoor, we practiced framing, possible compositions, acting, as well as implementing our own gist into the narrative. We continued to learn various editing techniques through Adobe Premiere Pro after lunch. This included the assembly of clips, smooth transitions, appropriate use of music and audio, colouring, effects, and more.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the week and the outcome of what we intend to create! 

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