CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Blue Sky Day 2

Day 2 – Surfing
Hong Kong and surfing- a duo you wouldn’t typically associate together. With many of us having little to no practice of riding waves, we didn’t know what to expect, however, we didn’t let this notoriety ruin our trip.

Our day started off with a gruelling hike to Sai Wan beach from the Sai Kung country park. The hike itself wasn’t so bad, but knowing we would have to walk back up the steep trail was the unsettling part. Once having arrived at the beautiful coast, we chucked all our belongings into the warm sand and set off into the ocean. With prior training and guidance, we were ready to take on some waves- or the lack thereof. All jokes aside, every single one of us was able to catch a few. With the help of our instructors, most of us were able to find our feet and eventually glide atop the crystalline water.

After what felt like less than 30 minutes, over 2 hours had passed, and it was time for us to head back to Sai Kung. As expected, the hike back up wasn’t as easy but was still manageable with the boisterous music that accompanied us. All in all, Day 2 was jam-packed with fun obstacles and unforgettable memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!

Theo & Tara

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