CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Blue Sky Day 1

Day 1 – Paddleboarding
Although we were not sure what to expect, we were blown out of the water on our first day. Even though many of us haven’t paddled before, we were able to quickly learn how to balance and change directions after a little practice. We learned a multitude of skills including the stroke and the buoy-turn. In the afternoon, we used our new skills to paddle to a nearby island, rowing around various obstacles along the way, including various natural rock formations. For many of us, this was challenging as we were fatigued by the practice in the morning. Regardless, we powered through the afternoon and eventually made our way back to shore.

Despite moments of the day when many of us felt like giving up, the overall experience was extremely rewarding because we were able to learn a new skill, which we otherwise would never have. Through this unique experience, we were able to add another tool to our plentiful toolkits and we are excited to continue filling our toolboxes in the following days!

Tara and Theo

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