CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 5

On the fifth day, we did dragon boating. We got together with partners of roughly the same weight in order to avoid capsizing the boat before getting on and beginning to paddle. Soon after the introduction, we began on our expedition around a nearby island. We circled the island once and returned back to our origin.The key to successful dragon boating is collaboration and synchronization, hence why the beginning felt so rough but later in the day, it began feeling smoother. Soon after having a refreshing lunch, we continued our paddling expedition by continuing on towards the Sai Kung Town Pier. This was extremely hard and we needed a lot of collaboration to be in sync with others to actually propel the boat forward. A few kilometers through our journey, we stopped at a beach to pick up and clean litter left by other visitors. Even though this is an Action Based CAS Week, it is still important to show concern and value towards our environment. Paddling actually felt enjoyable despite being monotonous and managing to reach other places gave us a sense of accomplishment as well. All in all, today was a fun and fitting end for our CAS week.

Author: Samuel Zhou

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