CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 4 – 23/11/2017

Today marks the fourth day of our water adventure! With only one more day to go, we arrived at Sai Kung with excitement. Today, our group will be participating in surfing, to top it off, we had to hike our way over Sai Wan through the MacLehose Trail which many of us would recall from our previous EOTC memories. It was nostalgic and brought back a lot of memories. As students foreign to surfing, we hope to challenge ourselves while having fun learning something new.

In the morning, we departed from Sai Kung public pier on a minibus towards our destination, Sai Wan. But standing in between our destination is the notorious Tai Mo Shan. To overcome it students have to hike a leg breaking 30 minutes trail called The MacLehose Trail. Along the path, students took rest at one of the highest points of the hike, panting for air, and holding on to the hopes that they could make it down the trail so they can catch a breezy wave.

All in all, we made it to Sai Wan, the water was extremely cold with a few of our students getting goosebumps on their arms with only their feets in the water. Some of our students decided to dive headfirst into the water with no fear while others remained on the shoreline. In the end we all got in the water and enjoyed ourselves on the waves as it crashes to the shore.

The surf was extremely tiring due to the fact that we had no previous experiences. We kept falling in and out of the freezing water, with each fall, our body’s weight seems to get heavier. At the end of the surf, we enjoyed food from a nearby restaurant.

We were really happy that we challenged ourselves and conquered the wicked sea temperature until we remembered that we have to hike back. But seeing that we have conquered so many challenges today, we let out a deep breath of sigh and embraced the trail.

From today’s experience, we have learned that we are capable of conquering challenges if we put our minds into it.

Author: Anson Chung

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