CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 3 – 22/11/2017

For the third day of our CAS, we went to the Blue Sky sports center for the activity stand up paddling. Like the past few days, the weather was chilly at around 18ºC, which is not ideal for water activities. The day was split into three sections, where we started off with a 2-hour session of paddling, lunch, and another 2 hours of paddling. Throughout the course of the day, we encountered problems and challenges. Firstly, as some of us did wakeboarding the day before, our hands were sore and muscles tense, we had to work as a group to get the paddles and boards into the water. Secondly, we had a paddle board relay, where we raced in groups with each other. This helped us develop our collaboration skills as well as friendship. Lastly, as the area which the activity was held had large amounts of sharp, underwater rocks, a lot of us cut and injured ourselves, we had to care and be compassionate towards each other. Overall, this activity was exciting and enjoyable, we got to develop group collaboration skillsets through an enriching and fun experience

Author: Jonathan David Yip

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