CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 1 – Part II

Today marks the day of our CAS week adventure at Blue Sky Water Sports. We knew it would cold and chilly week. However, this wouldn’t stop us from moving away from our comfort zone. My peers and I were ready to embrace the cold and try new activities and expand our knowledge of water sports. Some of the activities which I had never experienced was surfing and wake-boarding and I personally was very excited to experience these throughout the week. I was also excited about the fact that some of the activities included tied back to our previous camps from about 3-4 years ago. Reliving those experiences were also a very exciting thing to think about. My peers and I did have some expectations from this experience. Firstly we hoped it wasn’t going to be extremely cold since all of our activities involved water. Secondly, past camping experiences in Hong Kong have gotten us to believe that food provided to these camps have not been very good and we hoped it would be different this year. Lastly, we wanted this to be a fun and memorable trip overall. We hope this camp would meet our expectations.

Author: Sagar Madhrani

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