CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 1 of Blue Sky Water Sports

Today, we went to Tsam Chuk Wan for the first activity which was planned, kayaking. The first thing we had to do was change to sports equipment and select a kayak. A few lucky ones got to travel in a single kayak while the rest of us had to travel in double seaters. At first most of us found it extremely hard to paddle due to the fact that most of us haven’t paddled in a while and because of the strong current during that particular day. Initially our arms started to sore but we soon got used to the muscle memory and were able to progress forward as a group and an unit. The wind was extremely strong during that day which meant we had to have constant checkpoints to make sure everyone was on track and that we were all fully hydrated. We continues the expedition by entering a very narrow waterway through two islands, entering into extremely shallow waters. The shallowness of the water allowed to spot a large a mount of fish. We then progressed towards a
always push and work hard towards your aim by persevering to paddle even at tiredest.

Authors: Nathan Lee, Sree Muthukrishnan

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