CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Final Day

Today marks the end of the Bali CAS trip 2018. The day started with an optional early morning surf, which a majority of the group took part in. Surfing at 7:30 in the morning made for a very refreshing start to the day!

After surfing, it was time for a final pack and room check, then off to the airport.

We arrived back to Hong Kong and were treated to one final experience; seeing the flight deck of our plane!

Needless to say, this trip has been rewarding, challenging and fun! From working alongside factory workers, teaching primary students, engaging with the local community and surfing, we pushed ourselves to try new things and reach new limits.

As a teacher leader of this group, I’d just like to say a huge thank you and congratulations to this group! Your mentality is best summed up by this quote written by Michael and Jasmine, “trial is the only way to discovery; those who never try will never know what they can do.”

Thanks for an amazing trip everyone and look out for Bali 2019 led by the ever wonderful Mr. Lee Burns!

Written by: Ms. Leung

  • Risna
    Aug 04, 2019

    wow so amazing. thank you for visiting our country. oh he let's go on tour back to Indonesia

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