CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Mountain hike (day 4)

We woke up at 4:00am, packed our stuff and hiked up the mountain right beside the immersion. The sky was pitch black and the trail was non-existent, going up the mountain proved to be a harder challenge than the annual beep test we do in PE. Though the rigorous hike was extremely rewarding with a beautiful sunrise view over the Bali villages.

During the East Bali Cashew factory experience we were given a chance to engage in the process of getting those delicious cashews ready for being sold. The worker gave us a brief explanation on how to do their jobs. So we tried. And it was so much harder than we would’ve thought. In 20 minutes, I extracted 0.05kg cashews from their shells. Much lower than the average worker, which showed the amount of precision and stamina these workers have. This factory provides many job opportunities in the region.

We said goodbye to the factory workers and the students from the pre-school and headed for our surfing campsite. It was a tough 5 hours bus ride but we arrived at the beautiful resort. Can’t wait to surf tomorrow!!

Written by: Sean and Damien

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